SolaRid is the sustainable solution to insect control

For years we have sprayed poison on our families to repel mosquitoes and have eaten toxic chemicals in our food because there was no better alternative

SolaRid Is A Safe and Effective Alternative To Toxic Pesticides and Dangerous Mosquito Repellants

SolaRid is 100% organic; however it is industrial strength, employing powerful attractants that are unquestionably effective - scientifically documented to exploit the biology of insects.

SolaRid Deployments Across The US

SolaRid units are deployed across the US in California, Colorado, Arizona and Arkansas.

  • Initial testing of mosquito units in Arizona demonstrated that SolaRid units were 97% more effective than the most widely used carbon dioxide mosquito monitoring device, at a fraction of the cost.
  • In tests on commercial produce farms in Arkansas, the SolaRid unit is successfully capturing the targeted Noctuidae moths in numbers implying more than a 75% reduction of the insect’s infestation and resulting financial losses to farmers.

SolaRid Is Changing The World

SolaRid, by IPM Products Manufacturing, is new Patent Pending technology. As its use spreads it will reduce agricultural insect control costs, reduce the expense to human health and the environment that results from the use of toxic pesticides and improve the lives of millions of people.

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