SolaRid is the sustainable solution to insect control and monitoring

For years we sprayed poison on our families to repel mosquitoes,
we ate toxic chemicals in our food. There was no better alternative.

SolaRid Is A Safe and Effective Alternative To Toxic Pesticides and Dangerous Mosquito Repellants

What Makes SolaRid So Effective

SolaRid kills mosquitoes
  • Advanced light technology
  • Interchangeable blends of pheromones along with host plant volatiles (mating scents and food scents) dispersed over distance by the unit
  • Specific audio broadcast that targets insect navigation
These components effectively attract insects, then the unit delivers electric current that stuns and eliminates the insects. Eliminated insects are captured in the collection bag for analysis and either recycling into poultry or fish food or for disposal.

SolaRid is 100% organic; however, it is highly effective. It exploits the biology of insects and eliminates them. The technology is solar powered, sustainable and is improving the health of humans and our environment.