SolaRid is the sustainable solution to insect control that can reduce mosquito and agricultural pest populations without dangerous pesticides

SolaRid kills mosquitoes

The Need for SolaRid

Pesticides are linked to a wide range of human health hazards, from short-term impacts such as headaches and nausea to chronic impacts like cancer, reproductive harm, endocrine disruption and premature death. Human health and environmental expense from chemical insecticide use in the United States exceeds $9 billion annually.

The world desperately needs an alternative to toxic pesticides.

Mosquitoes are Responsible for Global Health Crises

The Zika virus is creating an international health crisis. Zika will invade more countries and expand exponentially in 2017.

Besides the Zika virus, mosquitoes are responsible for spreading the deadly Malaria disease. In Africa the economic impact of Malaria exceeds $11 billion per year. The WHO estimates that more than 200 million cases of Malaria cause 650,000 deaths each year.

SolaRid provides organic insect control

Growing Demand For Organic Insect Control

SolaRid is 100% organic; however it is industrial strength, employing powerful attractants that are unquestionably effective - scientifically documented to exploit the biology of insects.

Bio-insecticides currently used in organic agriculture average $700 per acre, chemical insecticides $350 per acre. The cost of SolaRid for agricultural application is less than $14 per acre, per year.

SolaRid is highly effective. Formal studies are being conducted with the United States Department of Agriculture, with universities and private organizations to pinpoint the numbers. Early, informal studies on the effectiveness of the SolaRid technology have shown 70% and higher reduction of problem insects.

SolaRid IS Changing The World

Solarid, by IPM Products Manufacturing, is new Patent Pending technology. As its use spreads it will reduce agricultural insect control costs, reduce the expense to human health and the environment that results from the use of toxic pesticides and improve the lives of millions of people.

SolaRid is organic pest control for farms

Our Initial Goals:

  • Save 100,000 lives and countless days of sickness and suffering from mosquito borne illnesses.
  • Save $124 Million in losses for corn growers.
  • Save $500 Million in losses for almond growers.
  • Save $83.6 Million in losses for apple and pear growers.
  • Lower the overall chemical pesticide burden on the environment by 13.2 Million lbs; human health and environmental expense from chemical insecticide use in the United States exceeds $9 Billion annually.

Momentum is Building, SolaRid IS Happening:

Collaboration is in the works with the United States Department of Agriculture, The Central Arkansas RC&D, and Organic Farming Associations across the United States to put formal study numbers behind the efficacy SolaRid has demonstrated in informal research, in eliminating Navel Orangeworms, Corn Earworm and Aedes vexans and Culex mosquitoes.

Beginning in March 2017, commercial manufacturing of SolaRid units began. Hundreds of units are being built and shipped, in California for testing and pilot installations. SolaRid has a distributor working with large almond farm operations, making presentations and demonstrating the SolaRid product.

SolaRid is the solution to the Zika virus

In April 2017, SolaRid units were installed in the flood plains of the Salt River in Arizona monitored by the local county vector control agency. Preliminary tests results, now conducted over 4 weeks, consistently demonstrate that SolaRid units are 97% more effective than the most widely used carbon dioxide monitoring device, and at a fraction of the cost. The tests are being documented and will continue through the season.

Additional units were received in Arkansas in April 2017. This installation is being supported by a government agency for mosquito monitoring and the test results are intended to qualify SolaRid for government purchases.

In May 2017, agricultural testing of SolaRid will be expanded to include Arkansas and Colorado by farms and government agencies as these regional seasons begin. These tests are designed to control the corn earworm, one of America's most expensive insect problems.

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