IPM Products Manufacturing completes BETA testing of Proprietary Insect Control Device

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IPM Products Manufacturing completes BETA testing of Proprietary Insect Control Device.

Denver, CO, October 31, 2016 – IPM Products Manufacturing, Inc. (IPM) announced completion of 6 months of BETA testing Insect Control Device (ICD).

IPM Products Manufacturing CEO Randy Sasaki stated, “in early 2016, dozens of second generation prototypes were circulated around the United States and internationally with private businesses and government agencies for field testing. The tests continued for several months during changing – seasonal weather conditions experiencing different insect infestations demonstrating efficacy and outdoor designs”.

Don Richardson, President, stated “the responses from User Experiences confirmed the competitive advantage of labor free operations and effectiveness of combined – integrated technology staged into the usefulness of each range for attraction and control of specific species of insect.

In July, we outlined improvements based upon what we learned, primarily adding components to heighten and extend benefits of existing outputs, proven effective”.

Randy Sasaki further stated, “we worked with engineers to improve processes encapsulating Insect Pheromones or our proprietary L-Lactic Acid formula, both layered in the EL light panel for increased, extended – time release over an entire growing season. The substrate of this layer is permeable to allow the release of the long distance – attracting SCENTS, adding a 34 CFM fan to improve circulation into targeted area.

Due to warping in outdoor heat, we replaced marine grade plastic used to frame the EL panel and house electronics with a custom designed Stainless Steel box; and replaced SLA batteries with Lithium Ion Phosphate (12.8v 7Ah LiFePO4) batteries increasing operating temperatures, reduced weight and extended battery life to 7-10 years.

This next generation design incorporates a Piezoelectric (crystal) Speaker system, connected from our custom printed circuit boards onto the surface of the Stainless-Steel housing to control and amplify the attracting SOUND vibrations. This is used to draw insects in close proximity, even closer to our special silver electrodes where they are eliminated”.

Both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) recommend using an “Integrated Pest Management” strategy for mosquito and other infectious insect disease control; an ecologically based approach that involves complementary interventions used in combination for eradication. This strategy is the basis of the IPM Products Manufacturing’s – SolaRid™ green industrial insect control device (ICD) multiple integrated benefits- leaving local culture and ecosystem functions undisturbed; and is SOLAR powered eliminating labor expense.


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