Press Release: IPM Completes Commercial Designs of Proprietary Product – Files Patent Application of Solar Powered Insect Control Device (ICD)

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IPM Products Manufacturing completes Commercial Designs of Proprietary Product – files Patent application of Solar Powered Insect Control Device (ICD).

Denver, CO, September 23, 2016 – IPM Products Manufacturing, Inc. (IPM) announced today that it has completed United States and International PCT patent applications for protection of its proprietary SolaRid™ insect control device.

IPM CEO Randy Sasaki stated “this application claims the benefit of U.S. Provisional Patent application filed in 2015 and a second, filed in January, 2016; each were incorporated by reference in this comprehensive patent application of our product”.

The Company made significant progress beginning in mid-2015, improving the product design based upon responses of BETA testing conducted over many months in different locations across the United States and importantly, internationally which disclosures was one of the primary purposes of the first Provisional Patent Application filed.

Mr. Sasaki further stated, “as we shift into a commercial phase of our business, the Company maintains certain, important – undisclosed trade secrets, primarily in manufacturing processes however it will be critical to protect other, more apparent proprietary aspects of our product which these patents are intended to provide.

As additional models of product designs expand and sales increase, the patent and commercial trademark registration which was also completed in 2016, will increase in value corresponding to the growth of our business; and both are considered, by the Company, valuable assets.

As these design advancements are completed; one of which is being tested which improves efficacy, the Company will continue to protect these innovations, possibly with amendments to this Patent application”.

Both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) recommend using an “Integrated Pest Management” strategy for mosquito and other infectious insect disease control; an ecologically based approach that involves complementary interventions used in combination for eradication. This strategy is the basis of the IPM Products Manufacturing’s – SolaRid™ green industrial insect control device (ICD) multiple integrated benefits- leaving local culture and ecosystem functions undisturbed; and is SOLAR powered eliminating labor expense.


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