The Science

SolaRid™ is the Sustainable Solution To Insect Control That is Changing the World
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The Science Behind SolaRid™

SolaRid™ is a sustainable, solar powered Insect Control Device (ICD) that uses innovative technology to attract and kill insects. Solarid units are also extremely valuable as a monitoring instrument being used in agriculture, orchards and forestry to measure, analyze and track levels of infestations.

Mechanisms of attraction

• Light: The primary attractant is a combination of light-emitting diodes (LED) and refracted electroluminescent (EL) light. The frequency of the EL light is generated with engineered phosphorous powders contained in the panel. The EL panel and LEDs emit the light wavelengths that are the most attractive to night flying insects.

• Semiochemicals: Pheromones, the mating scents of female insects, along with Kairomones, containing host plant volatiles (food scents), are placed on the back of the EL panel. This integrated attracting panel moderately heats the compound scents and uses a small fan to assist in their distribution. The semiochemicals formula can be tailored to the target species.

• Acoustic Technology: While it is generally known that insects are attracted to particular light wavelengths and smells, they can also be attracted, and in some cases, strongly attracted to particular sounds (phonotaxis). Acoustic devices of various sizes and power levels have been used successfully for many years to attract , insect pests. The SolaRid traps employ eight different sound frequencies matched to the attraction of several insect species. These vibrations are emitted each 30 seconds. The vibrations are produced by piezoelectric speakers, integrated into the SolaRid unit.

• The Proprietary EL Light Panel: Lines of a conductive nickel ink, positive and negative electrodes, are screen printed onto a flat non-conductive, transparent acrylic panel (EL light panel). Engineered phosphorous powders are layered in the panel, creating the EL light source, directed, through the panel, to attract insects. The panel is electrified on the front side, acting as a killing grid.


The electrical current levels of the high voltage grid can be adjusted for the most delicate or toughest insects.

While the panel does electrocute the insect, it does not burn them. It works more like a Taser, which delivers electric current, disrupting voluntary muscles control. This neuromuscular incapacitation results in the death of the insect and eliminates the fire risk from burnt, insect sparks.

The EL Panel is replaced annually along with the interchangeable LEDs, pheromones, and kairomones. The pheromones and kairomones are selected for specific insects. The replacement panel is delivered in airtight, Mylar packaging to protect the Semiochemicals.

The SolaRid™ device is designed for a 10 year operating life. It is powered by solar energy stored in lithium ion batteries. It is operated by proprietary firmware in microprocessors on custom printed circuit boards.

SolaRid is highly effective because it exploits the natural and inescapable vulnerabilities of insects. It facilitates the capture of target insects for monitoring. The captured insects can be used as feed for poultry and fish. SolaRid

SolaRid is highly effective at eliminating Lepidoptera moths, which include Corn Earworm, Navel Orangeworm and Fall Armyworm